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To my younger self

I can’t bake. This is something I already wrote many times here in the blog, and I have said it out loud so many times that I’ve lost count. It is a strange machine our brain, isn’t it? We store a piece of information and it just lives there, rent free, no questions asked. I…

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Of Odysseus, saints, ricotta

“Nobody, that’s my name. Nobody — so my mother and father call me, all my friends.” My love affair with ricotta started very late in my life, and for this I will never forgive myself. There are a few ingredients that I used to despise when I was a kid, and only as an “adult”…

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Tiramisu and its dirty secrets

Who knew that the key for paradise were a few ingredients and a brothel? Very random, isn’t it? Savoiardi, mascarpone, eggs, coffee: this is what comes to mind when thinking about Tiramisu. What the majority of non-italian speakers dont know, is that its name literally translates as “pick me up”. It is a curious name…

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