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Loving Yorkshire-Whitby

Whitby is a special seaside town in Yorkshire, particularly famous for the majestic Abbey ruins at the top of the East Cliff, and for the presence of the mineraloid Jet, found in the cliffs and on the moors. Jet has been used since the Bronze Age to make beads, and became very popular in the 19th century…

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Loving Yorkshire -3

‘Being from Yorkshire is as much a state of mind as a geographical fact.’ – Liam Allen If I only had a penny for every time I heard this sentence since I moved here, I would have paid off my mortgage! I love how proud are the Yorkshire people of being from God’s Own County – and…

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Loving Yorkshire

When I first moved to the UK, I admit it, I wasn’t impressed with this place. The weather, the language, the culture: everything was so different from the sunny, hot, little city in the south of Italy where I used to live. Over the years, I learnt to love the crispy air on a September…

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