Autumn risotto

Picture this: it is a nippy day, it is raining, you are super annoyed with work, your dog chewed your favourite chair, your hair is super frizzy, basically it is a disaster. You have two choices here:

  1. Be super grumpy and start arguing with everybody to have an even worse day tomorrow + go to bed with a super size pack of crisps and 2 chocolate bars
  2. Give yourself a treat wiht a super tasty risotto that will make you forget about everything

Option 1 looks easier and more satifsying, obviously – but trust me, sometimes option 2 is a life saver!

Even if I am the great master of grumpiness, I am sure nobody needs a recipe or instructions for that, so I will move on with the risotto recipe!

Ingredients for 5 people:

-Risotto carnaroli, 320g

-white onion, 1

-sausage meat, 150g

-beef stock, 1.5L

-mushrooms, 150g

-aubergine, 1

-olive oil, 4 tablespoons

-red wine, half a glass

-mascarpone, 150g

-grated parmesan cheese for topping, if you like


  1. Heat the oil in a pan at medium temperature
  2. chop the onion finely and put them in the pan, let them cook for 3/4 minutes
  3. chop the mushroooms and the aubergine
  4. add the sausage meat in the pan, let it cook for 3/4 minutes or until done
  5. add the mushrooms and aubergine, and let them cook for 3/4 minutes
  6. add the rice and the wine, and keep stirring until the wine evaporates
  7. keep stirring,and once the wine evaporated, start adding the beef stock and keep doing it any time it dries out
  8. once the rice is cooked, turn the heat off and add the mascarpone
  9. if you like it, add the parmesan on top and stir

Neapolitan ragù

Ragù Is not just a sauce, it is the perfect representation of the love and care that Italians have for food: it takes several hours to make it and it needs stirring regularly, but the result will pay everything off, I promise!

Ingredients for 8 people:

  • Beef ribs, 700g
  • Pork ribs, 350g
  • Pork sausage, 350g
  • White onion, 1
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Red wine half a glass
  • Tomato sauce 700g


  1. Peel and cut the onion
  2. Warm some oil in a pan and add the onion
  3. When the onion is clear turn the heat off
  4. Cut the beef and remove the fatty bits
  5. Cut the beef, the pork and the sausage in pieces and add them to the pan
  6. Turn the heat on and let the meat cook for 10 minutes at low temperature
  7. Add the wine and let it evaporate
  8. Add the tomato sauce
  9. Add 2 glasses of water
  10. Add salt and pepper
  11. Let everything cook for 5 hours at very low temperature
  12. If you want (this is not part of the traditional recipe but I love it) after 4 hours add some frozen peas, they give some colour and their sweetness matches well with these flavours