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Chilli with quorne

I love this recipe: it is easy, tasty, colorful and spicy! Ingredients for 4 people: Red pepper, 1 Pointed pepper, 1 Sweet chilli, 1 Chilli, 2 Tomato sauce, 500 ml Red onion, 1 Salt Pepper Olive oil Paprika Chilli powder Kidney beans, 1 tin Minced Quorn, 300g Recipe: De-seed and cut the peppers and chillies…

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Pasta speciale

After making your grocery shopping or your planned meals, do you ever end up having one random vegetable, that is too small to be a main meal and too much as a side? This is my never ending story with peppers 🙂 I do love them, I always get some during my grocery shopping and…

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Roasted red pepper soup

One thing that ALWAYS happens to me is that I go to the grocery shop to get one specific thing, and I go home with 2-3 bags of food, obviously forgetting the specific thing I needed in the first place. This recipe is the result of one of this episodes, I went to the supermarket…

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