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Your new favourite risotto

Here we go again: you open the fridge and you have that sad little courgette, that will probably end up in the bin unless you find a glorious way to use it. Glory is always in a risotto, everything in a risotto looks, sounds and tastes better – especially “boring” veggies! Ingredients for 3 people:…

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Frittata is a fluffy egg based dish very popular in Italy. You can have it hot or cold, and it is a great lunch idea for the office! You can enrich it with all the vegetables or meat you want, but my favourite version is with potatoes! Ingredients for 5 people: Large eggs, 6 Potatoes,…

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Beef stew with vegetables

Winter for me is slow cooking, lots of vegetables and a warm, nice stew! This recipe takes quite a long time but it is absolutely manageable, you only need to stir it from time to time. I always make it when the weather is not great and I want to spend some time at home…

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