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Chickpeas soup with herbs

This is a very tasty and colourful recipe, it is not the usual boring soup and I am sure you will love it! Ingredients for 3 people: Chickpeas, 2 cans White onion, 1 Carrot, 1 Celery, 1 stick Vegetable stock, 1 litre Salt Pepper Sage one tablespoon Rosemary one tablespoon Tomato passata, 100 ml Olive…

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Dessert hummus

Did you know that hummus can be a delicious, indulgent, creamy dessert? Me neither until a couple of weeks ago, when I read about it in a magazine. I honestly wasn’t too impressed, but then I started researching in several blogs and I decided to try making it. The first results weren’t great, but practice…

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