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No eggs? No problem!

Sundays for me are the treat day, there is no Sunday without a cake, cannoli or frolle! Yesterday I found some beautiful lemons at the market, and I thought I could make a lovely lemon cake, like the ones I used to have in Italy. So this morning I woke up, already thinking about my…

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Ciambellone Nutella e mascarpone

Do you love Nutella? Do you love mascarpone? Great! Because they are meant to be together and this recipe will be your favourite thing ever! 🙂 Ingredients: Eggs, 3 Flour, 250g Milk, half a glass Mascarpone, 250g Sugar, 200g Vanilla paste, 1 tablespoon Nutella, one glass Yeast, one bag Butter for the tray Recipe: Preheat…

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