The content(edness) calendar-Day 15

May you live every day of your life” -Jonathan Swift

I have been thinking about this quote, and realised that the definition of “live” might be different for each of us – for me it can actually differ within the same day.

What makes you feel alive? What do you find inspiring? Is there anything that gives you a smile when you wake up in the morning? Something you look forward to?

If you ask me today, at 20:30 UK time, the answer is serenity. I need to believe that no matter what, there will be a way: to solve an issue, to achieve our dreams, or simply to create something we always wanted to. There is a way. Waking up feeling hopeless, or already grumpy, is not a good way to start our day. Believing that something will happen, and in the meantime doing something that I find relaxing, are the way to go for me in order to reach that inner peace that I crave: taking a bath, singing in the shower, reading a book, and obviously my favourite – cooking.


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  1. I love that my husband brings me coffee in bed every morning. Seeing my four grandchildren is always the highlight of any day. Spending time with them is just about the best thing there is! And of course writing, using my imagination to create characters and story lines keeps my brain active and alive. And a little bit of Beatles music every day is good for the soul!

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  2. Love this! It makes me think of the little things in life that we are able to enjoy. Mine is being able to wake up before everyone else, sipping my coffee, reading a book as my dog snuggles next to me. It’s hard to enjoy those little moments of peace when you’re so focused on your to do list.

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