The content(edness) calendar-Day 1

Twenty-twenty: it sounds like a comforting number, there is a 2 and then a 0, then again, and you think that you know what is coming your way.

I am sure that for most of us it has been a very different year: the luckiest ones can only complain about getting bored to be stuck at home, while other people unfortunately have more serious reasons to hate this year.

You see, the thing is: we often forget how lucky we are, how grateful we should be, how much love surrounds us. It is easy to get grumpy over your horrible colleague, or a dull salad, or a broken nail: and that would be perfectly fine. I don’t believe in all those “good vibes only” messages, I believe in “feel what you need to feel, then move on” – because it is easy (and perfectly normal and human) to be crossed at some big or small things that make our life less easy, but what really matter is to then move on. Call your friend and vent at them for 2 hours, re-watch season 5 of Friends (because, let’s face it, it’s the best one), have all the cake: but after any of these cheering up activities (or all of them, depending how serious it is, because sometimes your colleague can be really really horrible, or your salad really really dull, or your nail really really broken, and sometimes these things can happen all in the same day – true story), please move on. Go for a walk, dance in your room, have a laugh: just let it go, like a gorgeous blonde would sing while wearing a Met Gala dress. It is easy, and sometimes comforting, to just stay in bed, sulking all evening, moaning about life – but believe me, it is tiring and not worth it. Tomorrow your colleague will probably still be horrible, it is very unlikely that salad will be as nice as lasagne, and more nails will break – but this doesn’t mean that you have to be grumpy every single day. Sometimes your colleague will be on holiday, the salad might have the nicest croutons, and short nails could really go well with that bold nail polish you always thought was “too much” on your long nails.

What is all about this pep talk? Well, it is the first of December, in the last few weeks I have been surrounded by advent calendars of all sorts: chocolate, beers, make up, dog treats, etc… And I just thought that it might be nice, for the next few weeks, to do a calendar with daily positive thoughts, powerful quotes, lovely pictures…just to spread some sunshine, trying to keep it not too cheesy I promise!

This is my photo of the day, it’s the Christmas tree I did (quite early) this year:

My quote for today: “If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap. If you want happiness for a day — go fishing. If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.” Chinese proverb


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  1. So true. We need to remember the blessings we get every day. I’m not religious, but I believe counting your blessing is also important to keep you from feeling stressed all the time. There are other things that matter (despite covid 19).

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