Risotto with vegetables

I know, you look outside and everything is gray and grim. You are counting how many days are left until spring, you are looking at the photos of your last holiday on the beach… well we can at least have some colour and fun in our dinner!


  • Red pepper 1
  • Chilli 1
  • Frozen Peas one mug
  • Sweetcorn one small can
  • Sliced olives as you like
  • Rice basmati (microwaveble) 250g
  • Olive oil
  • Soy sauce
  • Salt


  1. Boil the peas
  2. Cut the pepper and the chillies in small squares
  3. Heat the oil
  4. Fry the pepper and the chilli
  5. Add the peas
  6. Cook the rice in the microwave
  7. Add the rice to the vegetables
  8. Add the olives
  9. Add the sweetcorn
  10. Add some salt
  11. Add some soy sauce
  12. Stir in the pan for a couple of minutes


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